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203 - LXPs: What the Research Told Us, and Why It's Probably Wrong

March 31, 2020
Salon 13
Learning Platforms

We recently undertook a large primary research study into LXPs, LRSs, and the specific problems that organizations are looking to solve for in these emerging tech categories. The research was illuminating but opened as many questions as it answered. For example, 1 in 4 companies suggest they already have an LXP in some form or another. But our experience suggests that the truth is something much more nuanced than we see in the results... Join us to debate the differences between what learning organizations say they want, what they are buying, and what actually brings them value.

In this session we’ll reveal detailed insight into the demand for the LXP and LRS marketplaces from a recent survey of more than 650 learning colleagues. More than 3 in every 5 respondents thought it was likely their organization would purchase an LXP and, of those responding yes to this question, nearly three quarters suggested this purchase would happen in the next two years. The rhetoric around these “next generation” platforms tends to focus on enabling self-directed learning, employee autonomy, and skill development. But the rationale for adoption still trends towards “old school” thinking—assessment and increasing engagement with the LMS and formal learning. During this session we’ll discuss some of the contradictions raised in our research and ask the audience to pitch in their anecdotes and opinion to provide “color commentary” to the quantitive stats. We’ll present case studies of how LXPs have been used in the real-world and work together to come up with the value statement that we should be working towards—not a feature checklist, but a change in the culture of learning that we would like to be facilitated by a new approach to digital learning. You’ll leave this session with deep insight into the adoption of both LXPs and LRS's in the real-world and a better understanding of why you might need such a technology in your own workplace learning environment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What adoption of “next generation” technology currently looks like
  • Where you fit in the current landscape
  • What value proposition most adopters are solving for
  • How to differentiate an LMS and an LXP
  • What changes in learning culture and capability an LXP might enable


Designers, developers, managers, senior leaders

Technology discussed:


Ben Betts, Chief Product Officer - Learning Pool

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