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208 - 5 Reasons for a Bottom-up Performance Support Strategy & How to Make it Happen

March 31, 2020
Salon 9
Micro and Workflow Learning

In our digital age company competitiveness is deeply intertwined with the ability to adapt rapidly to ever-changing markets. In that context, traditional approaches to workplace learning are being challenged as employees expect a perfect fit of support to their very specific needs in their workflows and the business expects a high relevancy to business performance. Concepts such as performance support or workflow learning promise to be the missing link. That creates a massive opportunity for L&D to position itself as a trusted adviser. But how should L&D deliver on this opportunity, given their limited resources? And how can we consider the unique needs of every individual, while at the same time proving business-relevance?

In this session you’ll uncover why concepts such as performance support or "workflow learning" are perfectly suited to tackle the above challenges, and what exactly is needed to design and implement them in meaningful ways. You’ll look at 5 key success factors that can serve as valuable guiding principles for your performance support endeavors: Meaningfulness, Context, Convenience, Personalization, and Agility. You’ll then explore how to efficiently deliver performance support adhering to these principles through a bottom-up approach to performance support, based on the idea of empowering people to create a support environment for themselves. You’ll learn how to accomplish this through approaches including focusing on individual business teams motivating members to share their knowledge gaps, letting the team itself turn gaps into actionable performance support resources, allowing the team to adapt resources whenever they see fit, and providing coaching to the team to identify and fill performance gaps. To see how all these pieces fall together in actual practice, you’ll finish the session by using a free performance support app to experience first-hand how these principles can be adapted to your organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why performance support is an indispensable concept for L&D to take ownership of
  • What attributes make great performance support initiatives
  • Why L&D needs to instill a bottom-up mentality in their organizations
  • How to foster collaboration & sharing
  • How effective bottom-up performance support can look in practice
  • How to empower business teams to autonomously deal with their performance gaps


Designers, developers, managers, senior leaders

Technology discussed:

Performance support app

Pascal Guderian, Product Manager Workplace Learning & Performance Support - tts - knowledge matters

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