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403 - Successfully Managing Content and Data Across a Complex Learning Ecosystem

March 31, 2020
Salon 10
Learning Platforms

We've entered an era where learning technology goes far beyond just the LMS. Today's corporate learning environments might include multiple modalities (video, microlearning, games, etc.), multiple systems (LMS, LRS, LXP, etc.), and content from a variety of sources (internally developed, custom built, external libraries, learner-created, etc.). Using specialized technologies improves the learner experience, but it does present complexities to consider and plan for. It can be extremely challenging to connect the various systems and tools together, especially at scale, across geographies, and for both internal and external audiences. Having a strategy to efficiently manage content across these systems and the data management out of each platform is critical.

Whether you already have an extensive learning ecosystem in place or are in the early stages of building out your network of tools, this session can help you get started on the right path or provide tips and methods to improve what you already have in place. During this session, we’ll explore the technologies common to a complex learning ecosystem. You’ll learn how these tools work with one another and discuss ways to manage the wide variety of inputs and outputs from each. You’ll begin by reviewing the various content and systems you might already be using or considering bringing into your learning ecosystem, such as authoring tools, mobile apps, intranet assets, LXPs, LMSs, and more. You’ll focus on the primary role each tool type plays within the learning ecosystem and considerations for building a requirements document for use when procuring your next tool. Next, you’ll walk through how these applications function together, with specific attention paid to managing content across the various systems and handling the data collected. You’ll then walk through scenarios for handling outputs from these systems and collecting and unifying the data. You will gain insight into important considerations for ensuring that data from the various systems is both available and useful, empowering you to track and measure the effectiveness of your learning and training initiatives.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What tools are most commonly found in a learning ecosystem
  • What questions to ask of stakeholders and vendors to inform the selection of new tools
  • How to manage content from various sources across multiple systems
  • How learning organizations use xAPI and other tools to manage content and data across multiple systems


Managers, senior leaders

Technology discussed:

LMS, LXP, TMS, HCMS, content libraries, gamification, mobile apps, LRS, authoring tools, LCMS, simulation

TJ Seabrooks, CEO - Rustici Software

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