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501 - BYOD: Turn Your Passive Videos Into Interactive Learning Inexpensively with H5P

April 01, 2020
Salon 3
Video & Media

Instructional videos can be engaging—and popular with viewers and providers—but all too often they become passive experiences where the video plays in the background while the viewer focuses on something else. You may have a system that can track whether or not a video is played, but how can you know that the video has been watched and understood? Hiring a Hollywood director to create new videos might be one way, but how can you inexpensively turn your existing video library into an interactive learning experience capable of providing learning analytics?

In this session, you’ll learn how (and why) to add interactivity to existing videos with the completely free tool called H5P. H5P is an open source tool that helps you quickly and easily create rich content right in your browser. You’ll first review example videos to see what's possible with the tool, including adding quiz questions (multiple choice, drag and drop, select the word, etc.), crossroads choices that determine which section of the video plays next, hotspots that navigate to bookmarks within the video, as well as text and image overlays. You’ll see examples of how different types of interactivity promote different type of attention. Then you will be guided step-by-step in transforming one of your own existing videos. You can use H5P on your own website or any LMS, but we’ll use for this session (a paid service with a free trial). You’ll grab a video from your computer, from YouTube, or from a website you own and import it into H5P. You’ll then add quiz questions to collect learning analytics and to make sure your viewers are paying attention or add navigation to create branching scenarios—or both. At the end of the session you’ll have a finished interactive video that is accessible, mobile friendly, and ready to be integrated into your website or LMS.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the value added to existing videos by interactivity
  • How different types of interactivity in videos promote different types of attention
  • How to add quiz questions in the middle of an existing video
  • How to create a video with branching scenarios
  • How to use each feature of the H5P Interactive Video creation tool


Designers, developers

Technology discussed:


Participant technology requirements:

Up-to-date web browser with internet connection and a free account (or access to other H5P-enabled website)

Amos Glenn, Lead Instructional Designer - University of Pittsburgh

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