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503 - Future Proofing your Organization with Design Thinking-Driven Strategy

April 01, 2020
Junior Ballroom G
Management and Strategy

L&D should be seen as highly strategic part of how organizations grow their people and the business, yet many impediments to this exist, including people’s perception of learning itself, not having an organizational culture of learning, and a lack of organizational understanding of how L&D can create business impact and value. So how can we help L&D move from being viewed as cost center to being seen as a strategic resource for the organization? Is the digital and agile transformation trend going to solve these problems, or even just step us in the right direction? Are there ways for L&D to partner with the business in more meaningful ways?

In this session, you’ll learn models and tools that will help you more effectively partner and collaborate with the business to transform the value of learning. First, you’ll investigate an adaptive learning organization framework that can serve as a guide for both the L&D organization and the overall business. This deeper model has discrete measurement dimensions and can be quickly used to benchmark an organization's capabilities and define further transformation. Second, you’ll explore how design thinking tools can provide models for learning ecosystems and innovation frameworks. These tools will help you map your current state, explore potential futures, and chart your way towards a learning ecosystem with right-sized innovation that drives organizational impact. Finally, you’ll learn about enterprise modeling techniques that enable a new common language between L&D and the business. These techniques will enable a different approach for modeling where learning can be applied to create impact and enable a deeper understanding of the enterprise from a process, asset, KPI, and business outcome standpoint. This will set you up to effectively invest L&D resources for business impact.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the adaptive learning organization framework and how to assess your organization along it
  • What learning ecosystem models and design thinking tools can help you better plan your future
  • About an innovation framework that will help the business and L&D collaborate effectively
  • Enterprise modeling techniques that will help you explore and define areas to maximize investment in

Target audience:

Managers, senior leaders

Technology discussed:

Analog and digital tools and frameworks

Michael Hruska, President/CEO - Problem Solutions
Daniel McCoy, Strategic Services Practice Lead - Problem Solutions

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