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SDD106 - LX:2020 - Perfect Vision for the Ideal Learning Experiences

March 31, 2020
Expo Hall - Grand Ballroom
Instructional Design

Digital technologies are changing the way everyone communicates in our personal and professional lives, as our computers and smart devices transform how we accomplish daily tasks in the varied way we socialize, work, and learn. The shift from analog to digital mandates vast improvements in the clunky User Interfaces (UIs) found in legacy solutions, towards intuitive Learner Experiences (LXs) that are portal to improved learning opportunities in the coming decade. Modern Learning Experiences (LXs) encompass all aspects of a true blended strategy inclusive of classroom instruction and online learning, plus social and game-based learning techniques. Modern LXs must combine with an ever-changing mix of internally-created content, alongside externally curated resources from leading publishers, experts, and diverse informational services.

In this session will explore how progressive teams in learning-centric organizations are investing in vastly improved learning experiences as they design, develop, and deploy their next-generation enterprise training initiatives. Through case studies and practice examples, we will present several practical examples that all mandated a completely bespoke UX but leveraged a common set of underlying tools and services. These include an onboarding/new hire training for a major retailer, an extended ecosystem training portal for a wireless carrier, on-the-go sales training for a pharma company, and a Leadership Academy for a global financial services firm. You'll learn how these next-generation UX solutions, combined with other emerging technologies like machine learning, diverse content curation, VR/AR and voice interfaces, are transforming the way workforces learn and hopefully lead us all to increased productivity, improved motivation, and operational readiness.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why today's LX is far better than yesterday's UI
  • How LX can make a difference when in traditional ILT and webinars
  • The essential components of the LX layer that enable mobility, social interaction, and tracking
  • How effective LX design can be highly structured yet completely flexible for global, on-the-go teams


Designers, developers, managers, senior leaders

Technology discussed:

Modern LX/UX designs from real world projects, responsive web interfaces, adaptive learning tools

Robert Gadd, President - OnPoint Digital

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