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STP105 - Validating Worker Competency to Create a Stronger Company – A Case Study

March 31, 2020
Expo Hall - Grand Ballroom
Management and Strategy

Many people believe competency is a test of knowledge; others believe it’s the ability to demonstrate a task, but when it comes down to it, competency can be defined as someone’s actual rather than perceived skill. The challenge has always been measuring, recording, and consolidating the different skill levels between workers. For example: If you look at driving, most people have some experience driving a car, but some can do it much better than others and experience doesn’t necessarily correlate with a higher skill level. There are people who have been driving for decades yet are still bad drivers, while others in their late teens or early twenties are already driving for Formula 1. So, how do we effectively measure and rate competency? Throughout this presentation you will learn how one company implemented a software solution to effectively evaluate worker competency and improved their business as a result.

In this session, you will learn the challenges faced by a national auto service and parts retailer who was looking to evaluate worker competency. You will also receive a demonstration of the strategies and software this company used to overcome this challenge. You will see how they were able to capture the results of existing knowledge testing on the learning management system, how they used a training matrix to deliver interactive online training only to those who needed it, and then mapped out the required classroom and competency assessments.

While reviewing the classroom management software we will touch on registration and enrollment, as well as give you a demonstration of the interactive online instructor dashboard. We will also explore solutions from the competency assessment software, including the ability to review worker skill levels, use tablets or phones to capture video proof of skills, and add notes and comments for reflection or areas of improvement. Finally, you will learn how this information comes together for global reporting on competency validation across a national organization.

Most advanced learning and compliance management software applications should have this type of functionality, but we will demonstrate using BISTrainer as part of this case study.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why competency is valuable
  • How to assess varying levels of competency
  • Ways to link competency and knowledge tests
  • How to integrate a training matrix to online, classroom, and competency
  • The competency validation strategies used by a national auto service and parts company

Technology discussed:

BISTrainer learning & compliance software

Target audience:

Managers, senior leaders, HR and L&D professionals


Scott McLeod, Business Development Lead - BIS Training Solutions
Daniel MacDonald, Team Member - BIS Training Solutions

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