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STP203 - Digital Natives are Coming to Work. Are You Ready?

April 01, 2020
Expo Hall - Grand Ballroom
Tools and Development

By the end of 2020, Generation Z (Gen Z) will make up more than 20% of working adults in the United States (Deloitte – Gen Z Enters the Workforce). According to Deloitte, this unique generation’s impact on work and the world at large will be “swift and profound”. For organizations, making sure this generation is skilled, engaged, and ready to work will be vital for navigating an ever-changing economy and increasingly competitive marketplace. Organizations need to know: Who are the individuals of Generation Z, what do they bring to workplace, and how can we empower them? 

Smart organizations are focusing on upskilling digital natives with a specific skillset: people skills! 92% of HR leaders believe that emotional and social skills are increasingly important, and 37% of digital natives expressed concern that technology is weakening their ability to maintain strong interpersonal relationships and develop people skills.

Join us to learn how you can help digital natives develop strong interpersonal skills with Cornerstone’s new original content series, DNA: Digital Native Advancement. DNA is the only content developed and designed for the influx of digital natives. By participating in DNA's learning path of mobile-first, nanolearning lessons, digital natives will learn the interpersonal skills they need to succeed throughout their first year on the job and beyond.

In this session, we will examine key differentiators that make digital natives unique—especially in the context of learning and development. Then we’ll debut sample courses and look at how you can create an engaging learning path that helps digital natives:

  • Use their professional voice
  • Establish a relationship with their manager
  • Connect and collaborate with coworkers 
  • Set targeted goals with their manager
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback
  • Connect their work to broader company goals

Upon leaving the session, you’ll have a new excitement for the next generation workforce and have new ideas for modifying your L&D strategy to best meet the needs of digital natives.  

In this session, you will learn:

  • How technology has shaped this generation
  • The unique values and skills that digital natives bring to work
  • How you can empower and support this generation to be successful
  • How your learning programs must evolve to meet the needs of these voracious content consumers

Technology discussed:

Cornerstone Original Content: DNA: Digital Native Advancement

Target audience:

Managers, senior leaders

Summer Salomonsen, Head of Cornerstone Studios - Cornerstone OnDemand

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