The Learning Solutions 2021 program hosts energizing learning opportunities for you to make amazing leaps in the work you do in L&D. Take a closer look at the different opportunities that will propel your performance and expertise:

3 Keynotes

The keynotes  at Learning Solutions are inspirational, amazing storytellers, and they will leave you with a whole new perspective on our world.

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120+ Sessions

keynoteSessions at this event are led by people from L&D like you and will help you discover solutions you can use right away. The 120+ sessions will explore the most pivotal topics in our industry today, including instructional design, management and strategy, emerging tech, and more.

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14 Pre-Conference Opportunities

Learning Solutions focuses on proven practices and explores what works at the intersection of learning and technology. To expand upon this theme, we're pleased to host 14 learning opportunities kicking off before the main event that are fully dedicated to the most important topics in our field.


With 9 workshops, you will get a deep dive into new skills and knowledge that you can immediately put to work in your organization.

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