122 - Wonder Woman, Wakanda & Work: Development Solutions for Representation

Monday, May 10, 2021
Video & Media

More and more, instructional designers and the organizations they work for want to present authentic, realistic, and respectful representation of diverse groups. But they run into stumbling blocks using popular sites for stock images and videos. While mainstream media sites have improved dramatically in the past few years, they still often reinforce stereotypes instead of fighting them, or only portray underrepresented groups in a tokenizing way. Media with better representation usually costs far more, and may be prohibitive depending on the project. But what if you knew many sites to choose from and had alternate methods of creating your own media, as well?

In this session, you'll discover a plethora of sites with media containing authentic, respectful, diverse representation of underrepresented groups, including many that are entirely free or low-cost. You'll learn how to leverage alternate (and easy!) methods of creating and reusing your own images. You'll learn how to weigh the costs and benefits of producing your own image shoots, as well as the tips you need to get started editing illustrations. You'll learn considerations to keep in mind when selecting media and processes to ensure that your projects stay balanced over time. And you'll receive a free, editable diversity style guide that your organization can adapt with its own standards.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to review your projects for opportunities to improve representation
  • Which resources offer the best free and low-cost stock media for your projects
  • The benefits and how-tos of producing your own image shoot
  • The benefits and how-tos of buying and editing illustrations instead of using photos

Technology discussed:

Vector image editing software (Illustrator and Graphic)

Judy Katz, Instructional Designer - Eduworks
Tricia Ransom, Sr. Learning Experience Designer - TaskUs

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