132 - Moving Cautiously Forward: Building a New Reality for L&D Leaders

Monday, May 10, 2021
Management and Strategy

The people of the world are anxious to see the 'next' reality. Our brains are scarred from fear and anxiety. During COVID, L&D professionals quickly converted virtual instruction and now it's time to pivot again. In this session, you will leverage scenario planning with your peers to explore how learning and development can look in 2021 and beyond. As L&D professionals, we  must begin now to visualize how to acknowledge the past, build the now, and grow innovative ways to be more effective than ever.

In this session, you will design a learning and development future state for 2021 and beyond. Using scenario planning, your team will identify new driving forces, define critical uncertainties, develop plausible future state scenarios, and discuss the paths to influence your company's 2021 reality. You'll work together designing one of four quadrants representing possible futures. We will identify present state and visualize a new  dynamic. You'll have an opportunity to build a future that matters to you and your organization. Join us to build an L&D strategic future.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • To challenge “the way L&D has always been" to collaboratively build discussions to start a new model for L&D
  • To create a plan to evolve your learning and development practice from old training models to radical learning
  • To leverage the minds of L&D peers to form new and collaborative ideas that you can implement
  • To describe the future of learning using inspirational and diverse perspectives to drive diversity

Technology discussed:

Scenario planning

Lou Russell, Managing Practice Director, Learning Services - Moser Consulting

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