347 - On-Demand: 508 Accessibility Tips and Workarounds for Storyline and Lectora

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Tools and Development

You've just designed and programmed a beautiful eLearning course in Storyline or Lectora with fun and interesting interactions, but nobody told you the course must also pass 508 compliance. What do you do? You maybe know a little about 508 compliance or maybe you just updated Storyline, which now has a completely revised approach to 508 compliance. How much time will making the course 508 compliant take and is there enough money in the budget for it? In this session you will learn tips and workarounds for both Lectora and Storyline that will help enable you to get your eLearning course to pass 508 compliance. You will also learn strategies and best practices for designing and programming courses requiring 508 compliance.

In this session you will learn the basics of 508 compliance. What is it, why is it necessary, and when and how it should be applied to your courses. You will learn tips and tricks/workarounds for both Storyline and Lectora on achieving 508 compliance despite these tools 508 shortcomings. (Hint: You will learn how to turn Storyline's non-standard Close Captioning icon into a standard CC icon.) You will also learn about other tools such as the Jaws screen reader and the ANDI accessibility testing tool that really help speed up the 508 testing process. You will see multiple case studies of both Storyline and Lectora courses showing what had to be done in order for them to pass 508 compliance. (Hint: A lot of begging and pleading was involved.) Finally, you will learn about what other tools and assets are available to you online to help you ensure your course is compliant as possible.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • What 508 compliance is and why is it necessary
  • How to develop an effective relationship with a 508 tester from the beginning of the project, and how this will help in getting your course approved for 508 compliance
  • How to budget for 508 compiance
  • How to use the latest 508 features of both Storyline and Lectora, and which work well and which don't
  • How to test your course for 508 compliance
  • What tools and services exist online to help with 508

Technology discussed:

Windows 10, Chrome, IE 11, Firefox, Jaws screen reader, ANDI testing tool

Shawn McCulley, Lead Advanced Learning Solutions Designer - ICF

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