433 - Get Social: Design, Build & Host a Virtual Learning Community

Thursday, May 13, 2021
Instructional Design

The Number One reason even the most effective courses fail to change behavior is because learning something new does not automatically translate into doing something new. Harness the power of social media as a companion tool to accompany your course. The practice of designing, building, and hosting a virtual learning community is an excellent tool to ensure knowledge learned in class has a safe environment to flourish and grow, create opportunities to practice and be inspired, explore concepts, share challenges, ask for guidance, and receive coaching and feedback.

In this session, you will build awareness of transformational learning and challenge yourself to shift your instructional design mindset to include this type of thinking in your program design. We’ll explore the types of content that are best served in this type of design style, with the majority of the focus on social learning and creating and cultivating your own virtual learning community. We'll spend much of our time together inside actual virtual learning communities to experience how they work best. You will learn the technical side of hosting a virtual learning community, how to set up a virtual community, five types of content posts that create impact, and managing engagement in the environment. You will leave this session with a new-found passion for transformational learning and to develop a strong working knowledge that will allow you to create an effective virtual learning community that can be implemented immediately.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • The goal of transformational learning and how it differs from a traditional learning mindset
  • The value and benefits to building a virtual learning community
  • To identify platforms to build your own virtual learning community
  • Five different types of content posts that create impact, and the goal that each one achieves
  • How to share the results of a successful virtual learning community

Technology discussed:

Workspace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Kajabi, Might Networks

Susan Gatti, Chief Learning Officer - ImmixID LLC

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