243 - On-Demand: Building Learning Ecosystems for Sales Teams with Media and Adaptive Tools

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Learning Platforms

LS-DX on-demand sessions are recorded videos you can access starting at this date and time, and watch at your own convenience.

With so many ways to deliver learning to teams of all types today, it can be difficult to visualize success as you create the ecosystem for your audience. What types of media should be used? How should advanced tools like adaptive paths and recommendation engines be used? How can I be sure my learners are getting value out of the content, and how can I plan for growth?

In this session you will learn valuable strategies and tips for creating a focused learning ecosystem for sales professionals. Video, podcasts, microlearning content, and other resources all play a vital role in providing a great launchpad for learning and performance at Milwaukee Tool. Tailored content and recommendations, in-depth reporting and engagement metrics, as well as user feedback have all shaped the mature solution in a nicely designed, branded package for the audience. Organic growth and a quarterly planning roadmap have contributed to ongoing progress and increased system vitality.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • How content strategy is a vital part of the overall plan
  • How to create a plan for growth by partnering on a strategic roadmap
  • What to focus on in creating a next gen learning ecosystem
  • How using video, podcasts, and shortform content helps mobile professional get more out of the systems they use

Technology discussed:

Mobile apps, cloud based solutions, video, podcasts, microlearning

Britt Olson, Training Systems Manager - Milwaukee Tool
Chad Udell, Managing Partner, Strategy and New Product Development - Float

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