524 - Use Usability Assessments to Determine if Your LMS is Demotivating

Friday, May 14, 2021
Data & Measurement

Learning professionals often look to their courses to drive education and engagement, but learners can be demotivated by their user experience in the learning management system (LMS) before they ever get to the learning. At Sunquest Information Systems, customer feedback indicated struggles within the recently redesigned learning system, but customers were not able to specifically identify what changes would improve their experience, instead recanting only negative overall impressions and a sense of discontent. The team needed a way to objectively identify actionable changes that would make the experience better.

In this case study session, see how Sunquest University performed a usability study to assess the LMS users' experience and make simple, specific changes that dramatically improved how users interact with the system and engage with the learning content. You'll learn about how our organization performed the assessment and how you can implement a similar practice, without a dedicated UX team. You'll explore what the team discovered about how users navigated the system, the primary user workflows that were identified, and the changes implemented directly in the LMS without coding or the need for customized development by the LMS vendor. Finally, you'll discuss the key lessons Sunquest University uncovered that are universal to most LMS or learning systems, how to work with your LMS vendor when user experience obstacles are at the platform level, and how to discover workarounds when vendor customization is not an option.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why a usability study is different, and more effective, than a survey to assess user experience
  • How to perform a usability study on your LMS, using professionals or DIY
  • How to delineate the findings into valuable actions to improve your users' experience
  • What to do with findings that are out of your control
  • How to effectively report the study and results to demonstrate ROI

Technology discussed:

General LMS

Jamie Schroder, Manager, Client Training - Suncrest Information Systems

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