112 - Winning Executive Support of L&D Strategies and Tactics

Monday, May 10, 2021
Management and Strategy

Are you ready to be an organizational influencer? To win the support of your C-suite in one meeting? We have all experienced L&D's powerful impact on organizational culture. Yet traditional L&D measures (completions, 'smile sheets', etc.) do not tell that story. How do you justify your L&D budget? What metrics do you track now, and how compelling are they to your C-suite? Do you encounter pushback for increase resource requests? How have you illustrated your team's positive impact on safety, productivity, and service?

In this session you’ll learn from real-world case studies tools and tactics from successful L&D ecosystem transformations. We will baseline the understanding of the room for the following: their org's book of business, dashboards, strategy, how they measure the success of L&OD programs and initiatives, and more so how often are they in front of the C-suite. Using additional real-world examples you’ll learn the x-matrix tool with the ability to communicate the use of this tool in your own words. We will define the necessary changes to strategic approaches and share how to avoid typical communication mistakes. This session will be interactive and engaging, with time reserved for question and answers. You will walk away with templates, job aids, and an executive resource card to bring change to L&D in your organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the building blocks of managing up your CEO and their team
  • How critical understanding your organization's book of business adds to your credibility as a L&D influencer
  • About the powerful tool and concept called strategy deployment
  • How to initiate a X-matrix which illustrates L&D bottom line impact
  • What to present for stakeholder support during times of extreme transformation

Technology discussed:

Will utilize Poll Anywhere for interactive portion of the session

Christina Coidakis-Barss, Strategic Advisor & Consultant - CCBarss, LLC

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