113 - Augmenting Your Everyday L&D

Monday, May 10, 2021
Emerging Tech

As a learning and development professional, we are constantly looking for better ways to create effective and engaging experiences for our learners. How we develop scenarios, hand-on experiences, and job aids will help build a foundation for quality work and efficient processes. When looking at how to create these experiences, we have a lot of tools and techniques available. One of the most powerful new tools in that toolbox is augmented reality (AR).

During this session, we will be reviewing the tools, techniques, and best practices to enhance your everyday L&D designs to include augmented reality. You will examine multiple learning design scenarios and explore best practices on how AR can enhance them. You will review common AR development tools and techniques, and explore how they can be used to supplement your blended learning approach. You will experience examples of AR enhancements and then apply that knowledge to a build on your own.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • How adding in AR segments to your blended learning solutions enhances engagement and solidifies learning
  • To create an AR-enhanced learning experience with Zappar
  • To enhance an existing  learning project through Storyline and/or other modalities
  • How to create a dynamic blended learning solution

Technology discussed:

Zappar, Storyline, Vyond

Participant technology requirements:

Laptop, personal device

Destery Hildenbrand, Immersive Experience Designer -
Betty Dannewitz, Founder, CEO - ifyouaskbetty LLC

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