124 - The Data-Driven Learning Team: Learning Analytics in Action

Monday, May 10, 2021
Data & Measurement

Data is great and everyone knows it, but most training teams find themselves unable to use it to effectively impact their training programs. The learning data is in multiple locations, it is manually captured and gathered, the various members of the team don't know how to use it within their roles, and it's just downright difficult to work with.

One year ago, only one person on the Independence Blue Cross' Operations Academy team was using learning analytics in a meaningful way. Our team is responsible for the learning and development of 1,000 operations area employees, including call center representatives. We had a large volume of data and we had to figure out a way to organize it and make it useful. Today, 100% of our team uses data in their daily work. The trainers, designers, and consultants all use data to do their jobs better and more effectively and provide even more powerful experiences for our learners. How did we overcome the many data-related obstacles that all learning teams face? We'll answer that question and explore the true story about how we transformed our own learning team into data pros and the incredible impact it has made. Throughout this session, you'll begin to understand how data offers the actionable insights you need to customize and personalize learning. You'll hear about real-life case studies and walk away with tangible ideas on how your team can use learning analytics right away.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why learning analytics are important to a learning function
  • What types of learning analytics are available
  • The tools we use to gather, interpret, and communicate data
  • How each role uses the data (trainer, instructional designer, and learning consultant)
  • How using learning data can help you personalize and customize your learners' experience
  • How being data-driven can impact your relationship with the business

Technology discussed:

MLevel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel

Emily Sheetz, Learning Consultant - Independence Blue Cross

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