131 - Making Micro Work: 4 Approaches to Microlearning and Tips to Add Value for Your Learners

Monday, May 10, 2021
Micro and Workflow Learning

Microlearning is one of the least understood trends in workplace learning today. Everyone wants to “go micro” and every vendor says their solution includes microlearning. However, there are many different use cases and formats for microlearning so everyone says they’re using microlearning, but they’re all doing something vastly different. This creates a tremendous challenge for us to identify best design practices, delivery approaches, and implementation methods. When we actually understand HOW we are going micro, we have a far greater chance of doing it successfully.

In this session, you’ll identify how to go micro with the greatest impact in your curriculum. First we’ll share four primary use cases for microlearning and look at real examples of these different types of microlearning used successfully in organizations today. Then you will consider how you can use these types of microlearning in your own curriculum. Finally we will share some tips for doing each type most effectively so you can do it, too. You will leave this session with fresh ideas for incorporating microlearning into your curriculum and practical tips for how to make those ideas a reality!

In this session you will learn:

  • Four use cases for microlearning
  • Tips for using each of these four kinds of microlearning most effectively
  • How to use microlearning to make the greatest impact in your curriculum
Carla Torgerson, Head of Learning Experience Strategy - TorranceLearning

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