134 - 5 Techniques to Improve Your Storyline Design Skills Today

Monday, May 10, 2021
Tools and Development

Storyline developers are often instructional designers out of choice, and graphic designers out of necessity. However, they may realize quickly that graphic design takes up more of their time than they want, yet see the potential of enhancing online learning experiences if they can create better designs. This workshop covers five core principles of design and how to immediately apply them to your Storyline development workflow.

This session will cover a few core topics that you can use immediately in your job as a Storyline developer. You will watch a real-life example of how you can apply these principles to bring your designs to the next level. We'll look at better ways to create layouts by bypassing Storyline's built-in grid system. Then we'll cover some key UI and graphic design principles, so you know how to enhance the learner's experience with the content. Last, we'll dive into creating high quality slide themes and templates so you can repeat the process in a fraction of the time on your next projects.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • Core graphic design principles as they apply to Articulate Storyline development and learner experiences
  • Common design mistakes to avoid
  • Tips and tricks to speed up your design and development process in Storyline
  • How to make guides and templates to create better designs in Storyline

Technology discussed:


Marcus Miers, eLearning developer - Advarra

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