447 - On-Demand: Supporting Self-Directed Learning in Organizations

Thursday, May 13, 2021
Management and Strategy

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It is ironic that as learning resources have become more accessible in the digital age, many people have struggled to manage their own professional development. Further exacerbating matters, organizations are more often relying on employees to develop themselves as roles change quickly and formal training and development is constrained. Self-directed learning strategies offer organizational leaders a way to support highly targeted development while enabling employees to effectively manage their career trajectories and skills portfolios. Research shows that when support for self-directed learning is done well, organizations see stronger employee capabilities and better retention of valued team members. L&D leaders therefore want to be supportive of self-directed efforts, but when the goal is expanding the impact of self-directed learning, it can be tricky to identify the role that organizations can most effectively play.

This interactive session will highlight research-based supports and tactics that organizations can employ in encouraging and promoting self-directed learning. We'll discuss the roles and practices that are evolving to bridge the disconnect between structured and informal approaches and between employee-driven development choices and employer-driven capability needs. You'll learn of potential actions to take as well as the challenges we face in building support for self-directed learning. Key recommendations will be drawn from my 2020 Learning Guild research report, Self-Directed Learning: Essential Strategy for a Changing World. The research provides insight into what organizational and L&D leaders can do to create the kind of environment in which self-directed learning can flourish. The advice includes helping employees to develop the wherewithal they need to be successful, especially the abilities to accurately self-assess skills, thoughtfully plan development, and effectively learn independently. In this session, we'll share the strategies that work in our own contexts and add to our story by hearing what others are doing. You'll take away assessment tools and lists of tactics to try. The advice you'll garner in this session will be both research-based and practical.‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • A broad understanding of self-directed learning and how it is employed as a successful strategy in the L&D portfolio
  • The six most critical supports an organization can provide to enable and encourage self-directed learning
  • How to assess the degree to which employees are ready to self-direct their learning, and what to do if they are not as ready as you'd like
  • How to evaluate the success of self-directed learning from the organization's perspective
Catherine Lombardozzi, Learning Strategy Consultant/Founder - Learning 4 Learning Professionals

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