222 - Building a Learning Platform on a Limited Budget

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Learning Platforms

COVID-19 has forever changed our world. The social and economic impacts of the pandemic will be felt for many years to come. Many businesses no longer exist, while others are struggling to survive. Learning departments have experienced hefty reductions in budgets and personnel. As a result, many cannot currently afford their learning platforms. With new safety standards in place and increasing demand for compliance training, how are we supposed to offer these learning solutions to our people and track it all? Our company faced this dilemma  and we worked tirelessly to solve it.

In this session, we will explore how our learning design team at Holiday Inn Club Vacations raced against time to build a learning platform from scratch within 30 days. You will learn how we restructured and upskilled our team to take on this new challenge. Together we will navigate the process we utilized to storyboard the system architecture, design the user experience, and  write the code that brought the system to life. As you experience our journey, you will learn how our AGILE-based project management process kept us on track and minimized the number of errors with each iteration. Finally, we will share how the successful implementation of the platform  allowed us to launch our "return to work" safety training on schedule, helping our resorts open up once again safely.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why using Wordpress with the LearnDash plugin is an effective, low-cost solution for building a learning platform
  • How upskilling our existing talent saved us valuable time and made them stronger designers
  • How using an AGILE-based process allowed us to build and test faster, which resulted with an on-time implementation
  • How this initiative allowed us to build more trust and credibility with our executive team

Technology discussed:

Wordpress, Learndash, Moodle, Elementor, Uncanny Owl

Marco Madrazo, Head of Learning Experience Design - Holiday Inn Club Vacations

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