231 - Take a Second Look at Job Aids

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Micro and Workflow Learning

What if crafting content doesn't always mean it becomes a class, course, or a video? What if instead, content is crafted to be tools that help people succeed on the job? When providing instructions and how-to content, job aids can be a valuable resource.

In this session we'll focus on why you should consider crafting job aids in addition to course content, or as a replacement sometimes. We’ll compare and contrast different methods to their creation and identify what an effective job aid is comprised of. While job aids come in a variety of formats and approaches, using good visuals can go a long way towards making them more successful. Time permitting, we'll brainstorm ideas for crafting your own job aids and other performance support tools, as well.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • To compare and contrast various methods for crafting successful job aids
  • To participate in a robust review of many types of job aids and performance support tools
  • What comprises good job aids
  • How to make decisions about what might work best with your own learning audience(s)
  • To establish a framework for determining when to craft job aids/performance support tools

Technology discussed:

Techsmith tools, Techsmith templates, images, chatbots, AI, video, job aid selection tool

Dawn Mahoney, Owner - Learning in the White Space LLC

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