445 - On-Demand: Bringing Facilitation into the Workflow

Thursday, May 13, 2021
Micro and Workflow Learning

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In today's new reality where work has become remote and L&D is strained, improving a manager's ability to facilitate self and team learning will be a critical need. Facilitators are experts at managing groups, creating collaboration, overcoming resistance, funneling learning, and much more. However, generally they create their magic outside of the workflow—in formal settings such as classrooms and online sessions. But what if managers/leaders could consistently leverage the skills of facilitators? What  if facilitation principles entered the day to day work to achieve greater performance, collaborative problem solving, and employee engagement?

In this session you will explore how to build continuous learning teams by helping managers become facilitators of learning. You will  learn how to help managers make learning a part of the day today work using a  systematic framework consisting of the following three pillars:

Mindset: A learning organization is built on the foundation of growth mindset. When managers adopt a growth mindset then learning becomes a part of every process and interaction. You will understand the subtle indicators of deep rooted mindset issues in organizations. As L&D professionals, you will then be able to create the right solutions to propagate a growth mindset across the organization.

Skills: In order to create a learning team, a manager needs the skills of a facilitator like asking the right questions, igniting a dialogue, overcoming resistance, handling group dynamics, etc. By helping managers acquire these skills, L&D can help them become self-dependent learning champions, capable of building their own continuous learning teams.

Routines: Creating a learning organization requires much more than just training. Learning in the flow of work can happen when the work routines are critically observed and redesigned to encourage learning in the form of sharing, collaborating, and questioning. It also includes creating stretch assignments, job rotations, calibrated challenging, and sharing. If L&D can really understand "work" and help teams incorporate such routines, learning becomes organic leading to continuous performance improvement Using these pillars you will be able to create an appropriate learning strategy for your organization aimed at creating self-sufficient and sustainable learning units across the board.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why facilitation skills are crucial for  establishing a continuous learning culture in teams
  • How facilitation skills can be utilized to build a solid low investment learning in the workflow
  • How to work with managers to incorporate learning focused routines in the workflow
  • How to build a continuous learning culture by utilizing the manager's unique position as a facilitator of learning
  • How to become a true business partner by integrating learning into the day to day work of teams
Bhakti Karkare, Founder - Triple Loop Learning

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