123 - Serious Game Best Practices for Developing, Implementing & Evaluating ROI

Monday, May 10, 2021
Games and Gamification

Everyone is working to make the best serious game that will enhance the learning objectives and retain learning. The biggest setbacks for some of these serious games and gamified learning experiences have been little planning, tough to pinpoint metrics, little-to-no implementation strategy, and insufficient or nonexistent post-deployment support. Serious games are living, breathing, evolving things, unlike our elearning modules we put on the shelf.

There are many serious games that are built for companies and for internal use within our industry. This session will discuss what makes a serious game a success or a failure. You’ll learn about planning, developing, implementing, and supporting serious games for companies that have never gone down the route of serious games and gamified learning experiences.‬‬ We will look at the proper steps to take throughout each phase of the project to ensure success, including best practices and the pain points we have to deal with.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The first steps in getting into the realm
  • The best practices taken by other organizations in regards to phases of the effort
  • How to get a return on investment
  • How xAPI can be integrated into games for learning
  • The tools and API resources that can be adapted today

Technology discussed:

Oculus Go, Rift, Captivate 2020, Articulate 360, Unity, Unreal Engine, Learning Locker, Circruit, SCORM Cloud

Andrew Hughes, President - Designing Digitally, Inc.

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