143 - On-Demand: Beyond PoC: What Does an Enterprise-scale VR Training Deployment Look Like?

Monday, May 10, 2021
Emerging Tech

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More and more organizations are recognizing the benefits of virtual reality for training, but do not always know where to begin. Starting with a proof of concept that has very clear objectives is typically a first step in the right direction. But after the proof of concept is complete, what comes next?

This session will cover the entire VR roadmap starting by getting  C-suite buy-in,  to deploying VR training—from PoC, to pilot implementation, corporate LMS integration, and ultimately rolling out immersive training experiences to a wider audience. Next we'll share best practices for design documentation and how we meet with client subject matter experts to convert their training course from their current methods into a powerful VR training experience. Content development is typically a good first step. But after the proof of concept is complete, what comes next? How do you go from implementing your pilot program to deploying it at scale? You'll dive into actual case studies of how fortune companies are building out VR training experiences, and how they are implementing them at enterprise-scale. Finally, we'll review VR hardware options and what you need to be thinking about from an overall IT perspective. We will demonstrate and experience, highlighting things like: What the user is doing and why; reasons behind implementing certain functions; what are important aesthetic choices; how and why we include scorecard metrics; how it can all tie together into existing learning management systems; and development time and pricing.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • Communicating the ROI: How to get buy-in from senior management
  • Why it's important to have a VR deployment strategy beyond a shiny PoC
  • Getting started: How to design a VR training proof of concept that can scale
  • Scaling: Best practices for rolling out VR training across the enterprise
  • Choosing the technology: Making sure you select the right equipment

Technology discussed:

Virtual reality

Dave Beck, Co-Founder and Managing Partner - Foundry 45

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