323- Designing Technology Solutions to Support Self-Regulated Learning

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Micro and Workflow Learning

Self-regulated learning is a process by which learners plan, organize, and assess their own learning experiences. Research shows engaging in self-regulated learning leads to more effective outcomes. However, this process isn't intuitive, and learners need support to use these strategies. What strategies and tools do your learners need, and where do you find them? What application design patterns enable your learners to achieve success?

In this presentation, we'll introduce you to the science behind self-regulated learning and break down the different stages in the process, from preparing to executing to assessing. Then, we'll talk about the challenges your learners might face every step of the way. We'll discuss how learning technology can support self-regulated learning, and what functions and features you should look for in a solution for your learners.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • What self-regulated learning is, how it's related to self-directed learning, and how it's different
  • What research suggests the benefits are to self-regulated learning, and what's hard about it
  • How strategies can be used to support this type of learning process
  • What to look for in learning technology solutions to help manage the self-regulated learning process

Technology discussed:

Mobile learning technology

Jennifer Murphy, Chief Executive Officer - Quantum Improvements Consulting
Chad Udell, Managing Partner, Strategy and New Product Development - Float

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