331 - Microlearning to the Rescue: Your Guide to a Rapid Framework for Success

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Micro and Workflow Learning

Amidst the disruption of 2020, there emerges a new opportunity to reimage bloated training content. Right now, updated training is being rolled out to dispersed team members and you have to ensure training not only works, but sticks.The issue? Knowing another training program isn't the answer. What is needed is knowing that for every fat course there is a microlearning object dying to get out!

In this session we will move beyond theory and complete a rapid microlearning framework to build your own microlearning foundation and outline. You will learn how to use a nine-step microlearning framework and along with creative problem-solving techniques to determine 1) If microlearning should be a part of your solution, and 2) What delivery method is appropriate to support the solution. 

During this session, we will spend time exploring a real-life business pain-point and determine a solution that addresses the mission-critical problem that can be immediately applied. It is at this point you will determine which type of microlearning asset, based on content and context, to use to support your stated solution and which can be used as learning reinforcement tools. You will experience how relevant microlearning support can be easily created to help people in all aspects of the job. You will have an opportunity to work in pairs to create an actual microlearning strategy for peer review. Through this discovery exercise you will be able to apply the concept of "content deconstruction" and reconstruction to your own organizational needs and leave with the ability to create your own microlearning strategy map. Most importantly, you will leave this session with the foundation for a completed microlearning framework. Along the way we will enter into a discussion about the tools that make microlearning content creation easier, more impactful, and more applicable to "learning in the flow of work".

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use the definitions and examples provided to be able to identify the traits of effective microlearning content
  • How to create microlearning assets using an easy to use, nine-step content framework
  • How to make a case for microlearning as performance support and learning reinforcement in your organizations
  • How to deconstruct macro content into micro-sized learning nuggets
  • How to use a variety of problem-solving techniques to determine "the heart" of the problem you are trying to solve

Technology discussed:

Animated video tools, infographic tools, podcast/audiotools, graphic design tools (Canva), AR tools, Adobe Spark

Shannon Tipton, Owner - Learning Rebels

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