443 - On-Demand: Getting the Most Out of Subject Matter Experts with On-demand Video Courses

Thursday, May 13, 2021
Video & Media

LS-DX on-demand sessions are recorded videos you can access starting at this date and time, and watch at your own convenience.

All too often, subject matter experts are not communication experts. They have the deep knowledge that your learners need but they are not always the best instructors for numerous reasons: They aren't comfortable or effective speakers; they don't know how to engage an audience; they don't know how to organize their thoughts; they can't see past their own knowledge curse; or they aren't confident being on camera. Sure, you could outsource to professional talent, but a seemingly well-spoken, passionate subject matter expert will be more engaging and effective every time. What if there were strategies and techniques to help make your subject matter experts become more confident, comfortable, organized, effective, and engaging in delivering their content?

In this session you'll learn how to get the most out of your subject matter experts when it comes to recording videos for your on-demand elearning courses. First, we will share proven strategies to help your subject matter experts organize their thoughts and reverse engineer their learning objectives and talking points. Then we will go over techniques to make your subject matter experts confident and comfortable being on camera with a solid pre-production document to run an efficient video production day. Next, we will talk through the basics of shooting video with multiple camera angles so that SMEs can take their minds off of memorizing scripts and delivering instruction in one take. Finally, we will discuss how to edit your recordings into engaging, informative learning videos and courses.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to help your SMEs get organized and develop their course outlines and key points
  • How to build a thorough pre-production document and shot list
  • How to build SME confidence to deliver their instruction effectively on camera
  • How to shoot video with multiple cameras for maximum engagement
  • How to edit your recordings into engaging, informative learning videos and courses

Technology discussed:

Multiple course authoring tools such as Articulate Rise, examples of quality video and sound recording hardware, professional editing software options

JW Marshall, Learning Solutions Director - MarketScale

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