341 - On-Demand: Curating Meaningful Learner Experiences

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Instructional Design

LS-DX on-demand sessions are recorded videos you can access starting at this date and time, and watch at your own convenience.

Much has been written in recent years about learning curation. But in practice, learning curation is often limited by focusing only on content. Content curation is a concept and practice borrowed from the field of museums, events and exhibits, and more recently with digital curation, marketing. Like marketers, learning practitioners might select content intended to influence a target audience. In this case, the goal is to positively impact on-the-job performance. But, to increase the effectiveness of their curation efforts, practitioners should broaden their focus beyond content to the full learner experience.

In this session we'll explore lessons from the traditional role of curator and how participants can practically apply those lessons to improve learner experiences. Learning curation is often limited by a focus on content alone. You’ll learn instead how to seek to curate the whole learner experience. This session will explore lessons from museum and event curators, as well, that can be practically applied to the design of learner experiences.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • To describe nine components of meaningful experience
  • To identify positive examples of each component, from museum and exhibit curation
  • To apply a checklist of experience components to evaluate learner experiences
  • To use the components of meaningful experience to curate more effective learner experiences
Chris Adams, Principal Consultant - Performance Change Strategies

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