414 - Low-cost Solutions for Video Production

Thursday, May 13, 2021
Video & Media

Many instructional designers would like to include video in their content but believe that equipment costs and production costs are prohibitive. The cost of cameras, lighting, sound equipment, studio space, and other elements of production are simply too much for most producing courses or educational content. Further, many believe that making "quality" video is beyond their abilities. However, many instructional designers would be surprised to find out that you can produce a high-quality professional video for a surprisingly low cost. This session will show what equipment to buy and techniques to employ to create a professional-level video without a professional level spend.

In this session, you'll learn how to get high-quality results with minimal budget and repurposing of household items for video production. While many believe that it's the expensive equipment that makes for great video, the skill of the video producer is actually much more important.  The session will open with a description of the MVS-- minimally viable studio—which uses a smartphone and inexpensive Home Depot lighting to create stunning results on video.The facilitator will also present a few add-ons that, while low-cost, can greatly improve the scope and quality of video produced. Once the minimally viable studio has been established, the facilitator will demonstrate how to use these items in the session to create a video with professional results. The video will be shot, edited, and produced during the session itself giving participants insight into the techniques used to maximize quality results with minimal video equipment spend.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to set up a typical mobile device for high quality video capture
  • The way to repurpose inexpensive Home Depot shop lighting for studio quality results
  • Optional equipment you can buy for under $200 that will enhance video production quality
  • How to use graphics to enhance raw video
  • How to capture audio with minimal background noise or other distractions
  • How to plan low cost video production for high quality results
  • How to use low cost editing options to produce high end videos

Technology discussed:

Mobile device (iPhone, Android) cameras, low-cost audio capture and microphones, repurposed LED lighting from Home Depot or Lowes, free video editing software platforms Videopad and DaVinci Resolve, green screen

Mark Lassoff, President - Framework Television

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