431 - Case Study: Reducing Time to Proficiency with On-the-Job Learning Paths

Thursday, May 13, 2021
Micro and Workflow Learning

We know that learning happens primarily through on-the-job experience and coaching. But learning on the job tends to be inefficient and difficult to manage. For example, a Midwest manufacturer needed to hire hundreds of new employees and get them up to speed on a complex manufacturing process. It generally took an entire year for new hires to become proficient. They had to find a way to reduce the time to proficiency, provide consistent training, and reduce waste and rework. They also needed to measure, track, and report on progress and performance. They met these challenges with methods and tools that you can apply in your organization.

In this case study session, you'll learn how a manufacturer used a technology-enabled learning path, with coaching and performance support, to reduce the time to proficiency of over 500 employees by up to 40 percent. You'll see how they started small and improved and expanded the process over four years, how they captured data and reported results to management, and who gave the green light to adapt it to new job functions in their facility, and then to a brand new plant. Though examples and the principles and methods behind them, you'll learn how to design optimized learning paths and create performance-based assessments. Next, you'll see how to implement them with learning experience management software that guides employees through on-the-job experiences, links to just-in-time microlearning and performance support, and automates targeted coaching. Finally, you'll see how to embed on-the job assessments; tracking and reporting progress and key metrics to qualify and certify employees as proficient at their jobs. You will come away with ideas, principles, and practices that you can put to work right away in your organization.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • A systematic methodology for building learning paths that reduce time to proficiency
  • How to work with SMEs to create meaningful proficiency definitions
  • How to create performance-based assessments
  • How to guide coaches in giving targeted and actionable feedback
  • How technology can be used to make OJT practical and measurable

Technology discussed:

xAPI, TREK Learning Experience Manager, Storyline

Marty Rosenheck, Chief Learning Strategist - Cognitive Advisors
Pam Koehler, Training Manager, Supply Chain - Uponor

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