512 - Agile Architecture: Redesigning L&D Teams into Scrum Teams

Friday, May 14, 2021
Management and Strategy

Unrealistic deadlines, poor collaboration with SMEs, and late or conflicting SME feedback are some of the challenges you may face in L&D. Additionally, your learning experience  team may have unequal distribution of work, poor accountability,  monotonous work, or learned project lessons too late. You may have used rapid prototyping, SAM, or other methods to develop training more efficiently, but they aren't flexible enough to apply to all situations. You need a way to redesign your team and organize your work differently to have more satisfied customers and a happier, more productive project team.

In this case study session, you will learn how a leading health care company adapted Agile values and principles and a Scrum team structure to mitigate and eliminate common L&D challenges. Through examples and hands-on activities, you'll explore how you can use Agile to quickly create self-organizing teams that are built on motivated associates and a supportive and trusting environment. At the end of this interactive session, you will have action items to take back to your team, along with an Agile for L&D tip sheet, to help you become more effective and efficient in the L&D projects you manage or develop. Moreover, you'll leave with a new set of Agile values, principles, and methods to help you redesign your project team, yielding more flexible and scalable learning solutions, and a higher performing team.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • Which Agile values and principles you can introduce to your L&D team
  • The benefits of working in short sprints
  • Which scrum roles to use on your L&D project teams
  • How to use and refine a backlog
  • The purpose and benefits of the different sprint meetings
  • Strategies to help associates work more collaboratively with each other and business partners to better meet customer needs

Technology discussed:

Jira, Excel

KC Lewis, Senior Learning Experience Designer - Anthem
Andrea Bader, Director, Learning & Development - ExamWorks

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