514 - Use Escape Games to Create a Unique Learning Experience

Friday, May 14, 2021
Games and Gamification

Originated from the entertainment industry, escape room games have emerged in learning and development as an innovative platform to provide unique learning experiences. Combining collaboration, motivation, problem-solving, learning theories, and the taxonomy of gaming (TAG) model with game mechanics, escape room games engage learners through puzzles and challenges to achieve learning outcomes and enhance learners' experiences. The challenge for most designers and trainers with escape games is the rigor they require to systematically plan  goals, outcomes, and game-oriented strategies.

In this session, you will build a vocabulary and design skill set to create an educational escape room game, as well as connect game-based learning theories to escape game design components. You’ll also learn how to use the Taxonomy for Gaming (TAG) model to align the learning outcomes with various types of educational games. You will have a chance to play a facilitated escape game by the presenter and see a demonstration of game mechanic techniques using authoring tools, such as PowerPoint and Articulate. Finally, you will apply what you have learned through a collaborative brainstorming activity and decide on a theme, learning outcomes, and collectively brainstorm puzzles and challenges that can be employed to design an effective escape room game.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • The vocabulary related to escape room game design
  • Escape room game design skills  
  • From the experience of playing an escape room learning game 
  • About data and insights from the presenter’s recent dissertation on leadership escape games 
  • How to design a room through collaboratively brainstorming an escape room design

Technology discussed:

PowerPoint and Articulate (to show basic and premium design tools), online conference calls used for gaming and augmented reality

Rachel Arpin, Learning and Development Consultant - The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center (OSUCCC) - James
Yi Yang, Program Chair - Franklin University

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