531 - Reimagining Ethics and Compliance Training at T-Mobile

Friday, May 14, 2021
Video & Media

Many ethics and compliance training programs are ineffective. Why? Organizations focus on compliance, and not behavior change. They use off-the-shelf training that doesn't speak to the company's culture. They don't consider adult learning principles. And they use the same old content year in and year out. At T-Mobile, we've revolutionized ethical leadership training and we'd like to share our learnings.

We'll take you on T-Mobile's journey to develop our new Professional Standards Training program and show you how it makes our Code of Business Conduct come alive. This drives a culture of ethical behavior at T-Mobile. We'll share videos from our new Integrity 365 platform, which delivers a video-based learning experience that promotes our Do It the Right Way culture and inspires behavior in line with our Code. We'll offer insights on the script writing and production process and how we're coordinating across business units to ensure alignment and relevance for our retail, call center, engineering, corporate, and branch offices operations.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use videos and interactive content to drive ethical behavior
  • How to measure employee engagement and cultural shift at the company level
  • How to get started with a small budget
  • How to empower senior leaders to drive ethical culture

Technology discussed:

Video production

Ivan H. Lee, Sr. Program Manager Professional Standards Training - T-Mobile
Joe Pulichino, Sr Manager Professional Standards Training - T-Mobile

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