248 - On-Demand: The Supervisor Pathways Program: Teams, Zoom & Implementation Solutions

Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Management and Strategy

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Imagine your organization creating a strategic plan that focuses on the professional development of its supervisors and laying the challenge of implementation at the feet of two instructional designers. Kim Graham and Moriah Kent share the CIM approach to program development, as well as the challenges, successes, tools, and strategies used for creating the Supervisor Pathways program for Auburn University in less than one year. From developing course work, establishing a community of practice, and laying the groundwork for learning application through a Pathway Project, Kim and Moriah will take you through each step of their process in this case study on program development and necessary tools‚ and during a pandemic!

In this session, we'll share the story of two lone instructional designers tasked with building a professional development program for university supervisors from the ground up, while also developing CIM (Community, Instruction, and Mastery), a new approach to learning and development at Auburn University. This session will focus on implementing CIM in the development of the Supervisor Pathways Program, i.e., the Community of Practice, Coursework, and the Pathways Project. Specifically, the challenges and successes of building a community of practice using Teams, a collaboration tool from Microsoft, and the use of Zoom in creating a meaningful program orientation, as well as its use in the instruction portion of our CIM approach. Finally, we'll address the Mastery portion of CIM as we share the development and implementation of the Pathways Project, a practical application of instruction and community in the participants' real-world working environment, and the use of Articulate Rise in that process. Session attendees will leave the session with our CIM approach to building a program, course, or learning experience, as well as our recommendations for tools and technology to make learning more engaging for their participants.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to apply the CIM approach to program development
  • Ways to leverage Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Articulate Rise tools for use in multiple learning scenarios
  • Solutions to meet the challenges of facilitating a digital community of practice
  • How to make mistakes, both technical and personal, and use those to build a better program

Technology discussed:

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Articulate Rise

Kimberly Graham, Instructional Designer - Auburn University
Moriah Kent, Instructional Designer - Auburn University

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