344 - On-Demand: Personalized Learning: Been There, Done That!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Emerging Tech

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Personalized and adaptive learning arrived at the center of attention in the L&D community. Many vendors claim that their solution is the next big thing based on 'cool' artificial Intelligence. Let's put our feet back on the ground and first create a good overview of what personalized/adaptive learning is or can be. Then have a closer look of what kind of real life examples and results exist.

In this session you'll learn what personalized/adaptive learning is and about the different strategies that exist to design personalized/adaptive learning. You will learn six areas—What, Why, Where, How, Whom, and With Whom—where personalized learning can be applied. For each of the areas, real life examples and the technologies that might be used and applications will be shared. You will then go to work to explore opportunities to apply in your own work context. You'll check and map opportunities that are applicable for your specific situation and that will help you create more impact and impressive savings in your organization or with your clients. You'll systematically check the project that you have in mind against the six angles and clarify where and how you can benefit most  from an adaptive/personalized learning strategy. Some technologies, apps, and platforms will be shown (and even demonstrated) to give you clear examples of what can be done and how it looks in real life. You’ll be provided with a checklist that you will use during the session to create an overview of the different stakeholders in your situation. You'll leave the session with a clear action plan on where to get started and a roadmap of next crucial steps.

In this session, you will learn:

  • An overview of what adaptive/personalized learning is
  • The six areas/approaches to consider for applying personalized/adaptive learning
  • The area where you can benefit most related to a concrete project you're working on
  • An overview of success criteria (checklist) and what is most important for you
  • Some technologies, platforms, and apps that can support personalized/adaptive learning and their merits
  • The stakeholders that you have to involve and how
  • Practical tips and pitfalls based on real life projects

Technology discussed:

Memotrainer, aNewSpring, HiHaHo interactive video, Google alerts

Ger Driesen, Learning Innovation Leader - aNewSpring
Roy de Vries, Customer Success Manager - aNewSpring

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