705 - How to Identify Qualified Vendors for Your eLearning Projects

Wednesday, May 05, 2021
Rosen Shingle Creek
Management and Strategy

Many organizations seek to contract or partner with another company in order to provide quality and timely content for their employees or customers, only to learn while this company may be great at providing "X" they aren't necessarily great at delivering "Y". Have you selected a vendor who wants you to work in THEIR development cycle? Maybe they delivered only 75% of what you expected? When you have little wiggle room in the scope or delivery, you don't have the time to rework or restart the project. What if there was a way to get all of what you want by implementing a different approach?

In this session, you'll discover practical tips for how to find and work with qualified vendors and contractors for eLearning development. You'll learn how to select vendors based on company needs and vendor expertise and find vendors for a wide range of diverse needs‚ from building compliance courses to live-actor video development. You'll find out how to ensure effective project management cycles and communication with your vendor and, when hiccups arise (and sometimes do), you'll get proven tips and tricks for how to quickly recover. Next, you'll look at how you can utilize multiple vendors for one project in order to get the best quality product. Finally, you'll learn how to create standards and procedure documents that unify company and vendor goals, along with expected deliverables and completion dates.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to qualify a vendor for your specific needs
  • Tips for implementing effective project management plans
  • Strategies for effectively communicating with your vendor
  • How to use multiple vendors for the best quality product
  • Ways to create standards and procedural documents to provide to your vendor

Technology discussed:

eLearning authoring tools

Joshua Gantz, eLearning/Instructional Design Project Manager - Pryor Learning Solutions
Kacy Deering, Digital Learning & LMS Administration Supervisor - Pryor Learning Solutions

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