111 - Design Thinking Exercises for Elevating Learning Experiences

Monday, May 10, 2021
Instructional Design

How do you know you're creating training that meets your learner's needs? Negative feedback or poor performance metrics may indicate you skipped a critical step in the project analysis. Gathering your learners' valuable input at the start of a curriculum project can prevent wasting the learner's and the designer's time. What if you had tangible methods for gathering empathy to determine what best solves the learning need?

In this session, you'll learn design thinking methods that help you determine customers' behavior, needs, and challenges. Using this approach, you will gain insights from the observations you've made to truly hone in on issues. It's about creating intelligent change, a change from making people want things to making things people want. First, we'll go on a safari, a customer safari, that can be used when you want to get deep customer empathy and insights from  existing customers, prospective customers, or early-adopters who may help you understand longer-term opportunities. Next, you'll learn how to use an affinity map to gain consensus on synthesizing your safari observations. This method establishes relationships or affinities between pieces of information. From these relationships, insights can be determined which are the starting point of design solutions. Last, we'll use mind mapping to help get a team unstuck or have them think more reflectively about a topic. This method is great to use after the affinity map—particularly good to reflect on what your insights mean. You will leave this session with innovative ways to problem solve and begin to know your customer better than they know themselves.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • The basic principles of design thinking
  • Interactive ways to engage employees and customers to solve problems
  • Effective methods for gaining deep customer empathy
  • How to understand how to design learning that fits a tangible need
Shannon Effler, Senior Instructional Designer - NCR
April Delac, Senior Instructional Designer - NCR

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