322 - Podcasts in Learning: How to Maximize Listenership, Focus & Impact

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Video & Media

Perhaps you have been approached by a stakeholder or member of management who tasked you with using new approaches to support your current learning initiatives. Perhaps they mentioned podcasting by name, or perhaps you have been considering how to use podcasting to supplement existing learning and/or drive continued education within your organization. Where do you begin? What equipment do you need? Will it be difficult to setup and operate? How do you ensure you are reaching the right people, and the most people, to whom the learning is targeted?

In this session you will be provided guidance which simplifies some of the technical challenges in beginning a podcasting initiative. In addition, this session will introduce the five "P"s essential maximizing listenership and knowledge retention from your target listener. Combining these with strong planning and analysis will ensure the greatest possible success for your podcasting initiative.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • The five "P"s for successful podcasting
  • How to "planalyze" a podcast which will successfully reach and impact your target listener while meeting your goals and objectives
  • How to source low-cost equipment while maximizing sound quality
  • How to communicate and market your podcast to maximize your target listenership

Technology discussed:

Recording/editing/post-production software, recording hardware, recording microphones

Kevin Lange, Learning Consultant - Capital One

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