149 - On-Demand: Building Connections in the Virtual Space

Monday, May 10, 2021
Virtual Classrooms

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Virtually onboarding and orienting new employees poses challenges in information transfer, authentic connection to the culture,  environment, and people of any company or organization. Working with staff presenters and subject matter experts who may be neither facilitators nor adult educators adds a level of complexity to ensure that the content is shared in an engaging and effective manner. Human connection among presenters, participants, and the facilitation team, and forging bonds among the participants themselves requires creativity in instructional design and use of available tools and technology in the virtual space. What are creative and innovative ways that you can foster opportunities for participants to form personal connections and grow new professional relationships while enhancing learning and strengthening the capacity of presenters through virtual interaction?

Imagine being asked to turn a five-week, face-to-face employee onboarding into a three week virtual program, all while finding ways to keep learners engaged throughout and creating opportunities for this new group to form a cohesive cohort! Using our experience as a case study, you'll learn best practices for designing successful virtual programs of longer duration (a week or more) that will work for your facilitation team, subject matter experts, and for the participants to maximize interactivity and learning. You will explore different methods to prepare the experts, inexperienced in the virtual space, to effectively connect with their participants. You will learn design options to keep learners energized, gauge participation and interest, and build in interactivity to enhance learning uptake. We'll also discuss approaches to building group cohesion in a virtual training cohort, exploring a wide variety of interactive tools, strategies, and prompts to create the feelings of intimacy and immediacy of a face-to-face encounter in the virtual space.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • Strategies and modalities that can be employed to work with presenters who are not versed in virtual platform to enhance creativity and engagement during their sessions
  • How to create balance through session design between time spent in virtual instruction and time spent outside of the virtual space, using varied approaches to increase learning uptake and decrease screen fatigue
  • Strategies for building an effective design and implementation team for virtual deliveries
  • How to creatively transform a face to face delivery for the virtual platform and maintain the powerful impact of in-person interactivity

Technology discussed:

Adobe Connect

Christy Grimsley, Senior Learning Specialist - EnCompass, LLC
Ignatio Chiyaka, Senior Learning Specialist - EnCompass LLC

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