147 - On-Demand: Building a Robust QA Process for Creating High Quality Learning Experiences

Monday, May 10, 2021
Management and Strategy

LS-DX on-demand sessions are recorded videos you can access starting at this date and time, and watch at your own convenience.

Building learning at scale requires an extensive QA process with different stakeholders testing different aspects of the courses. Testing is also most effective when it is carried throughout the development lifecycle for a more iterative process. Pending testing till the end of the course delivery is not very effective and can cause significant delays and also compromises on the quality of the learning experience. A solid QA process is required to go hand in hand with the design and development process.

In this session, you will learn how to set up a robust QA process for designing and developing your learning experiences. You will explore how to build an iterative, collaborative review and QA process covering all aspects of the course design. You will also look at the importance of integrating QA throughout the development lifecycle.  We will also touch on the Agile iterative design process that creates room for including feedback at every phase and makes the process a collaborative and efficient one. The instructional design and project team should be able to connect with client & SMEs and their vision or goal for the end result throughout the project. Ultimately, you will understand what it takes to integrate QA into the eLearning development lifecycle for an effective and quality delivery.‬‬

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why an iterative QA process is important for quality, effective eLearning content
  • What steps are required to set up a robuts QA process
  • How to integrate stakeholder feedback throughout the learning experience development process
  • How to integrate an Agile process of development
  • How to report issues that create for effective communication

Technology discussed:

Zipboard, JIRA bug tracking tools

Bhavya Aggarwal, CEO, Founder - zipBoard

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