534 - Memes & Scavenger Hunts: 10 Ways to Improve Your L&D Program on a Budget

Friday, May 14, 2021
Tools and Development

Is your learning and development budget missing some zeros? This session is for you. Sadly, Oprah isn't going to attend and give everyone a new bank account. But you will get boatloads of budget-stretching ideas from your colleagues during this interactive session. You can still provide a great learning environment, even if you're running short on funds!

This session provides an overview of free and low-budget tools that enhance instructional design for a variety of audiences and environments. We will discuss how to engage internal subject matter experts (SMEs) and create communities of practice within an organization. You’ll learn to encourage learners to generate learning content (aka user-generated content) and incorporate word clouds, memes, wikis, and discussion boards into activities and assignments. You’ll better understand how to use social platforms such as Slack and Twitter, to engage learners and create "mob-style" training events (mafia not required). You’ll see ways to incorporate scavenger hunts into virtual classes and use learning technology to enable gamification and game-based learning. Finally, you’ll be able to track learning experiences using learning platforms and QR codes to increase efficiency and data to prove return on investment/expectations to stakeholders and secure a higher budget for next year.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to engage learners in the classroom or virtual classroom without spending money
  • How to get help from departments outside of L&D (yes, you can make this happen!)
  • How to use learning technology to make your L&D team more efficient
  • How to persuade leadership to give you more funding next year

Technology discussed:

Learning technology (Adobe Captivate Prime LMS), Slack, Open source wikis, Twitter, free meme creators, Wordpress, free word cloud creators, free QR code readers

Katrina Marie Baker, Talent Development Partner - Adobe

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