349 - On-Demand: SKIM:SWIM:DIVE - A Framework-based Approach to Create Microlearning

Wednesday, May 12, 2021
Micro and Workflow Learning

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Microlearning is the most confusing and overused word at the moment in the eLearning space. In most cases, the understanding is limited to the chunking of lengthier modules into smaller pieces, and in fact these smaller chunks are often videos/animations. If this is true for you, too, then this is a problem that is stopping  you from fetching the real ROI or effectiveness of microlearning as a design principal.

In this session, we will talk about why we need a framework-based approach to deploy microlearning in it's true essence. One such approach will be demonstrated in this session, SKIM-SWIM-DIVE (SSD). With SSD, we will showcase how microlearning can be a perfect mechanism to serve the personalized needs of the learner, as well as just-in-time (performance support) requirements. You’ll learn how SSD helps bridge the gap by reinforcing the learning, pre-training awareness, and many more such strategic points. Through a case study, we will share how a leading pharmaceutical organization could improve the effectiveness with tangible ROI by leveraging the SSD approach in one of their compliance training programs at enterprise level. You’ll discover how SSD could improve learning communications, motivate learners, increase the adoption of learning management system, or improve the reach of learning content.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why microlearning is not chunking of content
  • Why a framework is needed to solve a problem by microlearning
  • How to incorporate design thinking while applying microlearning
  • How microlearning is not just about videos & animations
  • How to serve the different needs of different learners with microlearning
  • Where microlearning doesn’t work
Bhanwar Singh, Director - Bylearning Soltuions LLP

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