D203 - Five Ways to Create Low-Cost, High-Impact Training Videos (Panopto)

Thursday, May 06, 2021
Video & Media

Integrating learning and reskilling workers are two goals most training departments will need to tackle in 2021. Ajay will demonstrate why Panopto is the secret sauce, making it easy for trainers to use video to scale training programs and reach remote workers while increasing impact and ROI.

Ajay will also share why Panopto’s seamless integrations with your existing training tools, including most learning management systems and video conferencing solutions, makes it easier for employees to find content at the speed of need.


  • A new video conferencing integration for Webex Meetings. Automatically upload any recorded meetings or live trainings happening through Webex or other web conferencing tools into Panopto where they can be searched and viewed on-demand. Track ROI through detailed analytics and effortlessly generate reusable just-in-time training materials.
  • Multi-language machine-generated automatic captions.
  • Smart Chapters. Automatically generate a table of contents for recorded Zoom and Webex Meetings, and make training content easier to navigate.
  • Panopto Capture. Our web-based video recorder can simultaneously record your slides, your screen, and your webcam—without any software to download or install.
  • Smart Camera. Turn your webcam into a motion-tracking camera—it’s like having your own camera operator that keeps you centered in the frame as you present and move around the room.

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