FS03 - Digital Enablement: The Key to an Employee-centric Learning Experience

Monday, May 03, 2021
Management and Strategy

Today, the average mid-market company uses 123 SaaS applications. Despite the benefits that come with technology, training, and enabling your team, these tools and the constant changes within them leads to stress, confusion, and fatigue across the organization. The shift to remote work only exacerbated this challenge with: 

  • 41% of managers noticing a higher gap in knowledge retention since going remote
  • 30% of managers recognized an increase in employee questions as a result of confusion from frequent changes
  • 71% of employees said they spend an hour a day looking for answers

In a world where productivity equals revenue, empowering your team with the answers and resources they need, when and where they need it, has never been more crucial. 

In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • The challenges that come with training your team in a remote environment
  • The role of reinforcement in rolling out new processes, resources, and tools
  • How the best L&D teams are taking a holistic approach to training by reinforcing crucial knowledge at every touchpoint in the employee journey

In this session, you’ll learn how today’s leading L&D teams are combining microlearning and in-app learning to surface real-time training to their employees at the moment of need. We’ll discuss the evolution of learning in the workplace throughout the years, the growing demands of employees as they shift to remote work environments and manage more complexity than ever, and the role that in-app learning can play in creating employee-centric learning experiences that empower employees throughout every touchpoint in their career.

Melanie Fellay, CEO & Co-Founder - Spekit

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