FS07 - Support Employees in the Moment of Need, in their Context, and in Any Application

Tuesday, May 04, 2021
Management and Strategy

Many people will be familiar with this situation: During a software rollout, all employees receive intensive training in the form of classroom training, blended learning, or purely digital training. The core processes are understood after a short time. But what about processes that are rarely used? Typically, users do not use eLearning units and manuals, but ask their colleagues or the help desk directly. The goal must be to ensure that the help required is available immediately at the moment of need in order to maintain corporate productivity.

In this session you will learn what it means to support employees in the context of work. If they are difficult to find or not used in daily work, detailed and well-designed learning materials are wasted resources. 

The goal of the session will be to understand how documentation, simulations, and software navigation can be accessed by the user in just two clicks. The user does not have to search for a long time because the system already knows which application and transaction the user is at that moment. A search function also allows the user to find all other available content with just two clicks, regardless of the application that is open. A rating function for each piece of content ensures that the content provided really helps the user and that the solution is really used. Content that is not available can also be requested immediately to guarantee real use. For a sustainable reduction of help desk requests, you will also learn how a direct connection to the ticket system is feasible. 

Later in the session, insight will also be provided into how possible learning content, documentation, and software navigation can be created with a minimal time investment.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why companies rely on live help systems
  • What are the most important factors to guarantee learning material usage
  • How help desk requests can be massively reduced
  • How the future workplace can look like through live help

Target audience:


Tobias Mrozek, Director Business Development - datango – a division of PARIS AG

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