FS10 - A Cut Above the Rest: Create Superior Learning Experiences Using Hyper-realistic Simulations with Assima

Wednesday, May 05, 2021
Tools and Development

The word “simulation” is used very loosely in the eLearning space. That label often describes glorified PowerPoint presentations that give off the illusion of interactivity, without real consideration of how effective they are for users’ learning retention. By trapping users into rigid, linear process flows, these static screenshots can’t emulate the complex workflows of modern enterprise applications. Finally, traditional simulations increase rework exponentially by forcing content developers to reinvent the wheel, recapture screens, and edit them one by one every time there’s an update. We redefine what simulations can do for systems training.  

In this session, you’ll learn how hyper-realistic simulations can help you boost user confidence, increase engagement, and improve learning retention. You’ll learn how they can be adapted to different training modalities to suit a remote workforce. You’ll see real-life examples of different use cases including anonymization for sensitive information, localization for quick translation, and creating multiple outputs from a single source. Next, you’ll see how they differ from traditional eLearning simulations by letting you maintain training content as your applications evolve with a fraction of the workload. You’ll explore how they can be paired with performance support to create high-impact learning journeys that span across the entire user adoption lifecycle. Lastly, we will showcase how they can help you stay ahead of frequent software updates. You’ll leave this session with a crystal clear idea of how to use hyper-realistic simulations to engage users, speed up training, and reduce costs. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to increase engagement and learning retention with hyper-realistic simulations
  • Why not all simulations for eLearning are created equal
  • How to use hyper-realistic simulations for blended learning 
  • How to exponentially reduce rework while maintaining content 
  • How to stay one step ahead of frequent updates with Assima
Bruce McDonnell, NA Director for Finance, Insurance, and Telecom - Assima
Donovan Jackson, North American Solution Engineer - Assima

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