GS4 - Panel: How to Make Informed Learning Technologies Purchases

Wednesday, May 05, 2021
Management and Strategy

The world of learning technologies is full of opportunities and possibilities. It’s exciting to browse all the different products and services available to L&D professionals and consider all the different ways they can enhance our work. But when you have the opportunity to purchase a new technology for your organization, the excitement can quickly give way to stress. Learning technologies can be significant purchases, and the process of identifying, vetting, and ultimately purchasing a product or service can be challenging or even overwhelming.

In this closing session of the LS-DX Thought Leadership Days, we invite a panel of experts to share important tips and guidance that will help inform your learning technologies purchases. You will discover how to focus on the problem that needs to be solved instead of the solution itself. You will learn critical questions that you should ask, and examine the types of answers you should be expecting in return. By attending this panel, you will be prepared to get the most value from your next learning technologies purchase. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to determine if a new technology is a match for your organization
  • Critical questions to ask when vetting any new learning technology
  • How to develop a true understanding of the problem you are looking to solve
  • The importance of training and support for you and your team
David Kelly, Executive Vice President, Executive Director - The Learning Guild
Summer Salomonsen, Head of Cornerstone Studios - Cornerstone
Matthew Brown, VP of Learning and Brand Success - Schoox
Manoj Kulkarni, CEO - Realizeit
Kelly Lake, Global Head of Corporate Learning - KnowledgeWorks Global Learning

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