P05 - BYOD—Creating Effective Microlearning for Boosting and Standalone Modules

Monday, May 03, 2021
Rosen Shingle Creek
Instructional Design

Microlearning is really hot right now. It seems everyone is "going micro" or wants to be. Most commonly, people use microlearning in one of two ways: as reinforcement or to provide new content. But how do you actually do that and ensure you're using those strategies in instructionally sound ways? Many people don't go micro because they are afraid it won't work. And those who do go micro without being instructionally sound create materials with little value that waste everyone's time. That makes it incredibly difficult to get organizational buy-in to microlearning. In this workshop you'll create effective microlearning plans and materials with your own content that you can implement at your organization!

In this full day workshop you’ll take your own content and identify how to use boost learning. You'll create a boosting plan, including the content and cadence. Then you'll create one or more pieces of boosting content. Next, you'll design a standalone microlearning resource. You will take your own content and break it into bite-sized pieces, and then create a content outline for one of those resources. Finally, you'll work in a team to create a piece of standalone microlearning using the tools and skills within your group. You will leave this workshop with 4 valuable products: a plan for a boost learning program; part of that boost program created; a design plan for a standalone microlearning asset; and a piece of standalone microlearning that you helped to create.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create a boost learning plan for your own content
  • How to create boosting content
  • How to break your own content into bite-sized pieces for microlearning delivery
  • How to design a piece of standalone microlearning

Participant technology requirements: Participants will need Microsoft Word for the planning activities. To create their boost content they will use Word or any other design tool they wish (InDesign, Illustrator, Piktochart, Venngage, etc.) For the development activity, we will be flexible to use whatever development tools attendees have on their computers (Captivate, Storyline, Rise, Adobe XD, etc.)

Carla Torgerson, Director, Instructional Design - Bull City Learning

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